Two girls sharing headphones listening and smiling together

Raising a Kind Person

Being kind and raising kind people is actually a really good goal to have as a parent. Raising kind people benefits them in several areas of life.


Grace-Filled Stepparenting, Part 2

No one can predict the adversities that will hit your stepfamily, but when you have a strong foundation of faith, you will be better equipped to survive your challenges.


Grace-Filled Stepparenting, Part 1

Get insights for stepparenting that can equip you for the challenges ahead. Find encouragement that the journey is worth it, because God will use stepparenting to grow your soul.


Making a Toolbox for Anxiety

In the midst of a pandemic, worries and anxieties are heightened for parents and children alike. Learn how to empower children to recognize worry and anxiety and equip them with tools to walk through it.

San Diego County Community Resource Guide

North Coast has put together an extensive list of community resources. If you are looking for help this is a good place to start.

Mental Health & Grief Resources

If you are struggling with mental health or grief issues, North Coast has compiled resources to begin to seek help.

Need Counseling?

The North Coast Church Counseling Center's purpose is to bring healing, clarity and resources to hurting people who want to grow through a variety of methods, with a major focus on Christian counseling.

Special Education Resource Guide

The North Coastal Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE) is a Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) that is composed of 14 school districts in North San Diego County.