How to Determine Screen Time for Your Kids


Need some helping knowing how much screen time to give kids, and how to do it for kids of different ages? Learn about a Tiered Tech Time.


Our new dependence on screen time has become a burden to families.

Screen time limits before pandemic were already tough. Now we depend on our screens for school, work, distanced socializing, and play.

Tiered Tech Time

Think of an upside down funnel in the shape of an A. Restrictions are tighter at the top and lessen when moving down to each lower tier.

  1. Direct Supervision
    • For youngest kids who cannot hold or operate a device on their own.
    • Parents should keep hands, eyes, and ears on the device with child.
    • Parents are directing device use and introducing kids to technology.
  2. Indirect Supervision
    • For school-age kids who can hold, but not fully operate a device on their own.
    • Parents should keep eyes and ears on the device with child, but can be a bit more hands-off.
    • With parents’ eyes on the device most of the time, you can teach kids about what they see on-screen (ads, behavior, etc.).
  3. Discussed Independence
    • For older kids who can hold and operate a device on their own.
    • Parents should have a discussion with their kid(s) about how much screen time is allowed/healthy for themselves and for the family.
    • Screen time limits should be set on kid’s device to stifle the inevitable argument and show that more screen time is approved only by a parent.
  4. Agreed Independence
    • For Pre-teens and Teenagers who “own” and operate their own device.
    • Once screen time limits have been established and agreed upon, use of their own device should come with conditions and responsibilities.
    • At this stage, consider implementing Screen-Free Time to keep kids minds and hearts connected to real life.


You can parent your kids through this time and guide them to set healthy screen time boundaries for themselves.

Technology is a tool to help you get things done.

There has been no generation of parents that’s going through what we’re going through, so it’s important to have grace because this is new for everyone.

The best approach to take is to have open discussions with your kids.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
– Galatians 6:9

Next Steps

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