A bride and groom with their family

10 Ways to Transform Your Marriage

A marriage that is a true union of souls—a connection of love, respect, romance, and spiritual oneness—sounds like a fairy tale. But it’s possible to build in these ten ways.

Husband carrying his wife on his back as they laugh together

The Gift of Listening

So how do you overcome these challenges and offer this gift of listening to your mate? Here are five things you can do to become a loving listener.


Love Your Spouse

Stop our marriage from continuing on its rocky course with three decisions to love your spouse. Your three decisions may be different, but they are boundaries every couple should have.

A man and a woman hold both hands together

A High-Maintenance Marriage

In differing degrees, marriages are high maintenance with at least a bit of incompatibility. But that doesn’t stop the good marriages from being better.


Healthy Marriage during Pandemic

Pastor Trent Jenkins sits with Connor McFadden, MFT about how couples can set a healthy foundation for their marriage what will aid in the health of the child.

San Diego County Community Resource Guide

North Coast has put together an extensive list of community resources. If you are looking for help this is a good place to start.

Mental Health & Grief Resources

If you are struggling with mental health or grief issues, North Coast has compiled resources to begin to seek help.

Need Counseling?

The North Coast Church Counseling Center's purpose is to bring healing, clarity and resources to hurting people who want to grow through a variety of methods, with a major focus on Christian counseling.

Special Education Resource Guide

The North Coastal Consortium for Special Education (NCCSE) is a Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA) that is composed of 14 school districts in North San Diego County.